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Finding My Roots

As we head toward spring, turning green can happen both outside and in. This year I decided to start my garden from scratch, and have planted seeds indoors. This DIY project is easy, can be done anywhere, and needs very little. See what you can grow! Follow my progress here:


There are simple and easy steps to getting started. Just plant seeds in small planters according to package instructions. Make sure there is proper drainage, and correct soil to accommodate your plant. Be sure they receive proper sunlight and hydration. Grow lights are an optimal source of light in the winter months.


After about 8-10 days, most plants begin to sprout.

Be sure to give them proper sunlight, and watch them continuously grow! Continuously water them, and give them sunlight according to packaging. They should grow longer and taller. When plants stop growing, it's time for a new pot! Be sure to carefully transplant the sprouts into a larger pot with proper drainage and soil.



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